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watchOS 2: What Apple Developers And Users Need To Know

The new OS version for Apple Watch – watchOS 2 – was launched at this year’s September event (call it the ‘iPhone 6S event’ if you will). A survey conducted by iMore had already revealed that well over 90% of all Watch buyers used the Watch for more than 8 hours in a day, and […]

Got An Idea? Build An App!

Thinking up workable, unique app ideas has got nothing to do with technical knowhow. If you feel you have chanced upon an idea that can indeed be transformed into a mobile application, never hesitate to follow your heart. Here are some broad steps you should follow. What’s that ONE thing you simply must have for […]

16 Things New iOS Developers Must Be Aware Of

Professional iOS app developers need to factor in a lot of things while creating applications, to bolster the chances of the latter’s success. If you are planning to get into this field, here are a few pointers to get you started. Mobile app development has been projected to become a $26 billion industry by the […]

15 Common Features Of Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile app development might be an increasingly popular profession – but the fact remains that, only a tiny fraction of the apps released every quarter are successful. In what follows, we will delve through some features that most successful applications share. A recent study by Gartner revealed a startling statistic: Not even 0.01% of general […]

Mobile Apps In 2015: 15 Major Trends

The global app industry is set for further robust growth this year. In the following discourse, we have focused on some of the most remarkable mobile trends that are likely to grow in 2015. The combined revenue figures from app stores is projected to reach $77 billion by the end of 2017 (as per a […]

12 Things Mobile App Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Every mobile app development expert, including indie developers, hopes to make big money from their applications. In the following piece, we have elaborated a few things that mobile app entrepreneurs need to follow, to brighten the prospects of their businesses. A recent survey revealed that there are well over 70000 mobile app developers worldwide. The […]

Mobile App Testing – Key Things You Need To Know

Testing is an integral element of any mobile app development process. In the following discussion, we have highlighted certain salient features of app testing. New developers, in particular, would find the following information really useful. Any decent mobile app company has a specialized team of app testers. Once the beta version of an app is […]

14 Things To Be Wary Of While Requesting Free App Quotes

The fact that an app development company offers free app quotes should not be enough to convince you that it is best-suited to handle your project. Before hiring the services of any developer, you need to pay attention to the following factors as well. Planning to create a personalized mobile app? The first thing you […]

Apple Pay vs Google Wallet: Which One Is Better For Mobile Payments?

More than 3 years after the launch of a mobile digital wallet by Google, its arch-rival, Apple, has come up with a rival feature – Apple Pay. Over here, we have done a brief comparison analysis between the two mobile payment platforms. Within 72 hours of the launch of Apple Pay (at the much-publicised September […]

15 Easy Steps For Making An iPhone App

Feel that you simply must hire an iOS development company, for making apps on this platform? Well, you can develop iPhone apps on your own too, by following the steps explained below.   If you want to make a mobile app, what do you do first? That’s right, you log on to the internet, and […]